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EMC Centera migration Services


Our Professional Services Team is available to migrate data off Centera, regardless

whether it was written via the Centera API, CUA, TSM, DiskXtender or Rainfinity/CTA.

Many applications support writing to Centera via its API. Over time a decision may be made to replace the existing Centera storage infrastructure with a lower cost alternative archival storage system. Customers may find it challenging to determine how to extract THEIR DATA from the proprietary black box called Centera.

DataTrust Solutions understands the technical issues surrounding the complexity of Centera and delivers a data migration service that will:

  • Enable continuous access to users or applications
  • Define Policies to move only the data that is needed
  • Extract application specific meta-data
  • Verify every migrated file using cryptographic hashes
  • Preserve chain-of-custody for all compliant data
  • Remap the data so the application can use it at its new location
  • Optimize extractions to minimize project duration
  • Provide project management
  • Minimize the impact to your IT staff

Our Centera migration service uses an internally developed application called Migration Software for Centera. The software is loaded on a server and is delivered as an appliance and can be pre-configured with IP addresses for easy addition to your network. For large Centera installations more than one appliance may be used in parallel.

Migrations can be on-site, remote or a mix depending upon your requirements.

DTS professional Service Engineers have on average 20+ years IT experience and extensive knowledge of EMC Centera and leading applications. We have has been providing Centera migration services for over six years and transitioned hundreds of systems.

Migration targets include:

  • EMC Centera
  • EMC Atmos
  • NAS

For superior outcomes every migration will be managed by a senior project manager, who will provide a detailed project plan and periodic updates.

To learn more about our Centera migration services contact us