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Office365 is quickly becoming the destination of choice for many clients who have determined that managing and maintaining the typical desktop infrastructures has become far too complex and time consuming. Realizing that Microsoft has come to market with a much better alternative in this manual approach, they have made the switch to the CLOUD for these services. With the full suite of products in the Office365 offering, the end user has many new features to help make their working time far more effective.

Office365 Email Services

OneDrive for Business/SharePoint Sites

With the mass acceptance of this platform, the traditional backup services for user data has been eclipsed and is no longer truly effective. Compliance IT Solutions has the answer. Our CLOUD backup service was designed to easily backup the user mailbox, up to 1 Terabyte of data in the OneDrive for Business and all of the Company SharePoint sites up to 6 times per day with NO DATA CAPS and maintain these backups indefinitely with UNLIMITED RETENTION. Our Secure Backup uses Industry Leading 256-bit Encryption for all data at rest and 128-bit Encryption for data in transit. With our Set It and Forget IT model, new users are auto-discovered and immediately added to the backup rotation to give you peace of mind from day one. Data Integrity worries are a thing of the past, our technology never overwrites the data so all of the variations of the files and emails are available so that you can consider this to be your Time Machine to locate the exact version you are looking for.

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