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Enterprise Vault EV.Cloud Edition

Archive 2-Anywhere Edition was designed from the start to deliver fast, comprehensive, and issue free data migrations from the platform by taking advantage of Archive360’s extensive archiving experience and engineering expertise. The combination of years of enterprise archiving experience, cloud storage know-how, and a detailed understanding of the Live Office platform has allowed us to design a cloud migration platform that can successfully extract and migrate archived data faster and more accurately than anyone else in the industry.

Product Highlights

The Enterprise Vault Edition is built on the proven Archive 2-Anywhere migration platform and fully utilizes its fast and accurate data processing workflows.  Like all Archive360 connectors, the Enterprise Vault integration is optimized specifically for Enterprise Vault archives and so provides a unique set of features and benefits:

The Edition is built on the tested and proven Archive 2-Anywhere Platform and takes full advantage of its industry leading speed and exceptionally accurate data processing workflows.  Like all Archive360 connectors, the integration is designed specifically to efficiently extract, reconcile and migrate Symatec archived data. This unique connector offers the following features and benefits:

  • Utilizes a multi-threaded, multi-server platform 
    • Provides the highest performance and accuracy of all migration solutions
  • Uses native APIs 
    • Enables search and filtering of emails by custodian, date range and other criteria
  • Does not require indexing or data gathering before extraction 
    • Begin message extraction within minutes of installation unlike other solutions that take days or weeks to index before start
  • Message level chain of custody reporting 
    • Legally defensible reporting reduces eDiscovery risk
  • Intuitive and powerful graphical user interface 
    • Less time needed for training -  faster time to migration

Archive 2-Anywhere



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