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Archive 2-Anywhere


EMC EmailXtender Edition

Archive 2-Anywhere EmailXtender Edition is designed from the ground up to provide fast, issue free and successful legacy archive migrations by employing Archive360’s long experience and engineering expertise. This combination of years of archiving platform experience and a deep understanding of the EmailXtender platform has enabled us to design a migration platform that can extract and migrate EMC EmailXtender data faster and more accurately than anyone else in the industry.

Product Highlights

The EmailXtender Edition is built on the proven Archive 2-Anywhere migration platform and fully utilizes its fast and accurate data processing workflows.  Like all Archive360 connectors, the EmailXtender integration is optimized specifically for EMC / Legato archives and so provides a unique set of features and benefits:

  • Utilizes a multi-threaded, multi-server platform
    • Provides the highest performance and accuracy of all migration solutions
  • No reliance on EMC Legato / EmailXtender API
    • Faster, more accurate data extractions
  • Full integration with EmailXtender / Legato SQL DB and Data Volumes
    • Ensures full legal defensibility
  • Does not require indexing or data gathering before extraction
    • Begin message extraction within minutes of installation unlike other solutions that take days or weeks to index before start
  • EMC EmailXtender Outlook Shortcut (stubs) Management
    • Ensures all mailbox stubs are found, reconciled, recombined, redirected or deleted with full documentation
  • Full reconstitution of split, single instanced and compressed messages
    • Ensures a legally defensible ingestion into the target repository
  • No data conversions needed
    • Migrated data can be represented as original in regulatory or legal situation
  • Folder path and custom MAPI properties reconstruction
    • Provides valuable forensic data not available with other migration solutions
  • Intuitive and powerful graphical user interface
    • Less time needed for training; faster time to migration
  • Integrated message stub management and reconciliation
    • Reduces help desk calls and end-user issues
  • Message level chain of custody reporting
    • Legally defensible reporting reduces eDiscovery risk