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Office, built around you

Try signing into Office and see how your documents, preferences, and other settings follow you across your desktop, tablet, smartphone, or the web. So anytime, anywhere, you can pick up right where you left off

Take the hassle out of the small things. 
Give Office 365 a try today, for free.

Office when and where you need it

Try Office 365 on your PC or Mac, on your tablet (including iPad and Android) and on your smartphone for when you're on the go, and get it done anywhere, and everywhere in between.

Try out your familiar tools in new ways--anytime, anywhere

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Welcome to your new Office

Work anywhere, anytime, and on any device with Office 365. Try Office 365 for free today and Compliance IT Solutions will set up your user accounts and provide complete Help Desk support during your trial - FREE Mail Migration when converted to a paid subscription!

Never miss a beat

Spend your time working instead of installing, updating, and making sure everyone stays in sync. Office 365 takes care of all this behind the scenes, so you can get right down to business.

Free Trial includes the installation, set up and support during the trial period to include uninstalling Office 365

How we do it

We set up your organization's domain name and add user accounts, deploy Office 365, and migrate your email. This way you spend less time getting your trial up and running so you can see how Office 365 works for you.